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Wendy C. ~ Bride

Thanks Gigi for your great work on my wedding day, I loved the hair and makeup you did for me.  I had a lot of compliments that day.  You were able to do exactly what I wanted which made me feel very confident.  I would recommend you to anyone anytime!

Janice W. ~ Bride

Gigi, you did a fantastic job with the makeup and hair!  Each one of the makeup/hair is different and it suited their style.  I’m so happy to have found you.  I will definitely refer you to my friends, and who knows, maybe you can help me with hair/makeup for future occasions!!

Felicity L. ~ Bride

I’m happy with your service, everyone loves the hair and everything was great. And I love it coz you’re super fast.

I guess I”ll see you at Wendy’s wedding.

Thank you so much !!

Amy F. ~ Bride

I had Gigi as my bridesmaids and my makeup artist for my wedding. Gigi is very professional. She knows so much about makeup and style. Her makeup knowledge is superb. I found that it is very difficult to do makeup for Asians, however, Gigi knows exactly how to enhance the features of Asian people by using the right color and technique. Gigi is also very dedicated to her work. She has graduated from Blanche Macdonald and in her spare time, she would seek inspirations from magazines and would try products out on herself to make sure the products are safe and good to use on her clients. And Gigi does listen to her clients’ needs and requests, she would keep going until her client is satisfied. I had 3 outfits for my wedding and Gigi managed to change my makeup and hairdo 3 times to match all my outfits! and they all looked awesome! All my bridesmaids and myself were so happy with the result and I will definitely recommend her to all my friends.

Ada H. ~ Bride

“Thank you for doing such a good job on my wedding day and made my mom so beautiful!

Yvonne F. ~ Bride

“What more can I say about Gigi? She’s one of the best make up artist I have worked with! From styling for trendy fashion photo shoots to beautifying a blushing bride, Gigi puts her heart into making everything perfect. Her keen eye for beauty, superb styling skills and passion for her work has made her clients stunningly beautiful and impeccable in all occasions. The best thing I love about working with Gigi is that she tries her best to include her client in the creative process and is always open to new ideas. I am so glad that Gigi did my makeup and hair design for my engagement photo shoot and am looking forward to work with her again at my wedding reception in August!”

Rita C. ~ Bridesmaid

Thank you so much GIGI for doing such a great job!!! You made the bride and me look stunning on that day! GIGI is very professional and compassionate about her job. I love her style on doing make up and hairstyle. Without showing any pictures, I just verbally described the hairstyle to GIGI. She did exactly what i want and even better. It was unbelievable!! Thanks again and I am glad that we found you. You are wonderful!!! :)

Wendy L. ~ Bride

“Thank you so much for doing my make up! It didn’t move AT ALL for the day. And the best part is, I still look like me. I felt quite fresh for the whole night too! Thanks again!

Tracy L. ~ Bride

“Thanks so much for your help on our wedding day! I don’t think I have felt more beautiful in my life, thanks to you! hehe. In fact, I have no idea how I will be able to find a comparable hair and makeup stylist for my HK reception – any chance you will be in HK in early Sept? hehe

Thanks so much and keep in touch!”

Maggie C. ~ Bride

“This girl rocks and I’m speechless of how professional she is!!!!

When we met for my trial, I had almost ZERO idea of how my hair should do. She has given me great tips and advices with a lot of photos and magazines well prepared so I would have an idea. I have shown her my pre wedding pictures of how I would like my makeup done. We had great communications and a lot of questions were asked, I can strongly feel that she totally understand my needs.

On my wedding day, I was nervous but exciting. She was very busy and was focusing on her job, but she was still there to calm me down!!!! She has not only done what I’ve mentioned and shown, but she has gone beyond to make my eyes look bigger which I have never seen myself in such beautiful eyes with some newly Japanese style methods!! I totally trusted her with no doubt, and that I understand my job there was only to sit steadily and to listen to her commands… nothing more I know.

To be honest, my hairdo on my wedding couldnt be better. There was something I felt missing on Bridal hairdo, and I told Gigi, something is missing, but I do not know what is it??? (Do you just wanna die when you have a client like this!!) Within few seconds, she played around with my hair and again with no idea what she did, it looked just what I totally wanted!!!! I was thrilled of what she did and I walked out like the Winner of the Beauty Pagent 2009!!!Gigi does not just do her job as a makeup artist. She does the best she can do and she would do it until you’re 100% satisfied. She has sharp fashion senses and always update her makeup knowledges from different parts of the world, Asia or Western.

She is not only a professional makeup artist for my wedding day, she is now my personal makeup consultant whenever I have questions about my hair and makeup =)

Thank you Gigi!! I had no regrets at all that I have chosen Gigi to be my makeup artist, and I am sure you want to experience what I experienced =)”